Shravya Kag (Shravya Kagolanu) is a photographer and a guerrilla film-maker based in New York City. Kag likes to explore the concept of home, identity and personal space through her personal photographic projects. Her recent photo and video projects have included studies of New York City’s subway buskers and the Sikh diaspora in America.



Shortlist, Sony World Photography Awards | 2017
MPS Thesis Scholarship Award | 2016

Photoville, NYC | 2016
SVA Chelsea Gallery, NYC | 2016
SVA Flatiron Gallery, NYC | 2016
4 Times Square, Chashama Gala, NYC | 2016
Digital Exhibition, SCOPE Art, Miami | 2014
Redbull, India | 2014
The Outdoor Journal, India | 2014
The Hindu, India | 2013
RRR, Melbourne | 2012